Any Job Big or Small, We Do it All.

Are you tired of hiring people for them to just not call you back or show up?  We believe you deserve more respect! We understand our clients time is just as valuable, if not more, than our own; therefore, if we are running late we call.

We aim to respond to all customer inquiries within 24 Hours of receiving them! This means no waiting!

Our great service is backed by individuals who are dedicated to quality customer service. As a company we are REGISTERED and INSURED with all associates covered by Workers Compensation, giving clients peace of mind. We cannot provide great service without having and protecting the great people on both sides of the counter!

Odd Jobbers PEI Ltd is committed to continuously innovating to provide you with the best service! In early 2016 we are implementing a payment system to accept Credit Cards on our website, giving you the convenience of paying invoices at your leisure.

Pricing is the most difficult part of any service company. Throughout the years we have developed pricing models creating consistency. There is nothing more frustrating than calling a company to get work done and having the price being drastically different. In the past we have made this mistake, understanding the frustration this causes we have built models ensuring consistency in the future. This is just another example of how Odd Jobbers PEI Ltd is learning from the comments of clients. Thank you for helping us improve our service!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!! We live by it! We understand that some projects will not go the way you wish, but when we complete your project, we ensure the best course of action has been taken and you are satisfied with the result.

Our Vision

Build a service provider that with one phone call can satisfy all clients’ needs.

Our Mission

Formulate a team guided by morals, driven by empowerment, and executed by individuals.